Morecambe Community Open Meeting Health and Wellbeing – 12th February 2018

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been having conversations at The Alhambra, and right across Morecambe about how we can build the kind of future together that we believe will be better for the next generations.

Four main topics have come to the surface, one of which is around Health and Wellbeing.

The community have a passion to talk about:

How we can live lives that are healthy and well,
How we can have good food, food co-ops,
Growing our own food through land sharing,
Have healthy breakfast and lunches in every school – so that no child goes hungry and
How can we have a more sustainable health service that meets our needs, but that we also treat with respect?

These are really big questions!

So…the conversation continues! Come and be part of it! Monday 12th February, 6:30pm for 7pm start at The Alhambra – Some of the team from Bay Medical will be joining us.

Together we can change the future! Together we can be healthy and well!

Everyone is welcome, we look forward to seeing you there.